This year….

…has been one of learning a lot about drawing by doing it most days and falling in love with ink.  I really, really do love ink. And being messy, and splattering it about, and mixing it with paint, and drawing with different pens, and watering it down, and painting with it, and getting it under my fingernails….


It’s also been a year of getting lots of encouragement and realising that people enjoy seeing my work. Twitter has been great for that. I’ve enjoyed it. Even more amazingly people have bought stuff and commissioned stuff.. 🙂

And I’ve illustrated a whole book! That really is not something I ever imagined I would do. Thank you, Dom, for telling me I could do it. 🙂



I’ve also made a few illustrations for Dom’s poems on Here are a few of the latest:



There has also been shrink plastic! Amazing stuff. And very encouraging sales!



And there have, of course, been bears…..

bearhugbearBlackbearDancing bears14235439085_dbfd690b59_oginandbearitbearto share copy14765111346_12f9c70790_obear in rainBratfink's bearPoetsare stringybearknitink-1reading bear4Small  black bear13895391910_f8362006b0_o


Looking forward to starting on some exciting new illustration projects in 2015, more jewellery making and those little origami books…..

…..and more bears. 🙂


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