A Quick Update

foxpaint copy

I’ve been busy with various projects lately, most of which you’ll have to wait until they’re completed to find out about.  I’ve stocked up my Etsy shop, so if you fancy a bit of C*******s shopping…. (it’s too soon, I just can’t say it yet).  Anyway, there are lots of new things including this fox (as a print and card), new earrings (puffins, bears, radios, camper vans, cats…), bracelets and necklaces (with hares and other things), new badges (various animals, vintage radios, a bear tearing a clowns arm off..).  Please take a look.

I’ve also drawn a few illustrations for my friend, Dom, over at inkology.co.uk. Pop over and enjoy his poems. My favourite is sort of spooky. 🙂

Lots of new things coming up: something about sad bears, which you may have seen  developing if you follow me on Twitter, and more prints and other things  will be appearing on Etsy.

Thank you for reading.


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