Sketches and Materials

A very quick sketch on the train to Bath last week. I’m really uncomfortable about drawing people on the train. It feels intrusive. I think I’d feel quite annoyed if I caught someone drawing me.


I’m much happier drawing buildings and other things.  There wasn’t long to wait for the train home, so I didn’t get very far with this. I’d have added a few people on the opposite platform if I’d had time, that doesn’t feel quite so close up and personal.


Another opportunity to sketch is at work between customers. Here’s a stand in the art shop I work at.  I may put all those paintbrushes in if I get time next week.


Because of my new art shop job, I’ve started a separate sketchbook for trying out different materials. I usually just do this with new materials in my current sketchbook, but last week I was explaining how you could paint with inks to a customer. I pulled out my current sketchbook and showed them the fruit I’d been painting. They bought lots of ink. This is such a good way of showing people what materials do that I’m collecting all these bits together in one place.


I love the intensity of the colours of Sennelier inks. I mix them up with other inks, watercolours, coloured pencil.  I’m looking forward to having a whole book full of experiments and drawings so that I can show people it’s OK to mix media.

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