About Me

After tinkering with pencils since she was a small child, at a quite advanced age, Jools Wilson studied ‘A’ level Art at a local college. Having got the hang of colouring-in, she then took an HND in Fine Art and started making paintings and lino prints and drawings.

Jools recently tried her hand at illustration when a friend asked her to decorate a book of poetry. This spurred her interest and she has since had illustrations published on the web and in ‘Stew’ magazine.   She is currently working on illustrating a picture book, building her portfolio and learning a lot as she goes along.

Jools also makes and/or designs mugs, notebooks, cards, jewellery and anything else she can think of, which she sells under the name ‘Bears Get Crafty’.

Jools is a member of the wonderful SCBWI.  She has a cat and likes cake and ink.