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A Brief Blog about Commissions, Why I Don’t Do Them, and Earning a Living as An Artist

Gosh.. that’s quite a big subject.   I’ve been turning commissions down for a while, but recently I seem to have annoyed one or two folks, and I saw an artist I admire comment that “Commissions stifle creativity.”  I understood immediately … Continue reading

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A Few Edinburgh Bears

  Earlier this month I managed to pack my bags and head off to Edinburgh, with my daughter, for a few days.  Naturally, I was on the look out for bears. The signs were there.      The first bears … Continue reading

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My Creative Place #mycreativeplace

This is my work space. Sometimes I swap the cat for my laptop and graphics tablet.  I usually have flowers, a selection of bears, and cut out characters from projects I’m working on. Are you an artist, illustrator, writer, musician, … Continue reading

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A silly animation.

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Pasta Machine Printing

I love prints as an art form, but apart from some basic lino printing and screen printing I haven’t done any myself.  Print making seems a bit of a daunting thing to try, requiring expensive equipment and space. I’ve always … Continue reading

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New Things

There are a bunch of  new greetings cards in my shop this month, including these dinosaur and space cards, which come with any age badge you like (I sold a 95 years badge last week).  You can check out all … Continue reading

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Bears Make Music…

January has been a busy month for designing and making new products. These handsome animals can be found on a mug, along with several other new designs. I’m also busily designing greetings cards which have a life beyond the mantelpiece. … Continue reading

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