Fatwans (or further fun with my Rotring pen)

fatwansfinished copy

I have been drawing a lot with my growing collection of Rotring pens lately.  A lot of bears and cats and pug faces.  I thought it would be interesting to try an actual pet portrait.  Fatwans kindly agreed to be my guinea pig. (Obviously Fatwans is neither a pet nor a guinea pig, but a rather beautiful cat with her own Twitter account. Follow her here.)  I’m reasonably pleased with the result.

It looks better in real life, I haven’t quite worked out how to scan pen drawings without the lines dominating.  Tips welcome 🙂


1 Minute Memory


Yesterday I drew a sketch of my esteemed colleague and friend, Mary. In 1 minute. It’s a tricky thing to do.. no sketching, no rubbing out, no thinking time.  I had to have a few goes at it. This was the 4th attempt. Number 3 was very much Paul McCartney. I think this looks like her. I suspect it gets easier with practice.

Soooo…the point is, in return she gets to donate £1 or more to Alzheimer’s Society via justgiving.com/1MinuteMemory/

It’s a great idea, thought up by Dave Kirkwood. You draw, photograph or write about someone in 1 minute, give them the result (and post it on Twitter) and they donate. You can read all about it here 1minutememory.com then go and do it. 🙂