Astro Poetica


This lovely thing landed on my doorstep last¬†week. ūüôā ¬†‘Astro Poetica’, a volume of charming poems about space written by Dom Conlon, with some pictures by me. ¬†It’s full of love and fun and aliens and planets and solar systems..and I managed to sneak my cat in there somewhere too.

As well as being a rather beautiful, nice to hold thing ‘Astro’ is the first time I’ve seen myself in print. ¬†And, by gum, I think I look rather good. ¬†(My work, obviously. Not actual me.) ¬†I’m immodestly pleased with myself. ¬†And with Dom. ¬†I think we did good. ¬†And to think, when Dom asked me to illustrate it I said “Don’t you think you should ask someone who knows what they’re doing?” ¬†I’m pleased he ignored me.

I think children will love this book. ¬†I hope they read the ‘Things to Think’ and ‘Things to Do’ sections and write some poetry of their own. ¬†I have a child on loan at the moment, so I’ll be testing it out later.¬†¬†I know adults will like it, because I do and I am one.

‘Astro Poetica’ is published by Inkology. If you look here¬†¬†you’ll find lots of free and lovely stories and poems for children. You can follow @InkologyStories¬†on Twitter as well.

You can get a copy of ¬†‘Astro Poetica’ from Amazon. It is also available on Kindle from Amazon or for your ipad from itunes and there is a rather lovely limited edition hardback version, which has¬†extra content (also on Amazon).