My Creative Place #mycreativeplace


This is my work space. Sometimes I swap the cat for my laptop and graphics tablet.  I usually have flowers, a selection of bears, and cut out characters from projects I’m working on.

Are you an artist, illustrator, writer, musician, blogger, maker, knitter, craftsperson?  What to you create and where? Do you have a studio, kitchen table, desk, armchair, tree?  It would be lovely to see your creative space.  Take a photo and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, anywhere else you can think of, with the hastag #mycreativeplace

Jools x

Doing it digitally…

Not much of a blog…more pictures than words.

I’ve been busy learning to draw on my Wacom Cintiq. Here are a few images that I’ve come up with so far:

green bear
A bear…because no blog is complete without one.
Illustration for a poem by Dom Conlon.  Click here to read.
Rusty old van

Johnny clark copy

Illustration for a poem by Dom Conlon. Click here to read.


Something seasonal
dancing rabbits
Happy Rabbits – an early attempt
A bear in a chair – experiment with print texture
A bit blowy


A Quick Update

foxpaint copy

I’ve been busy with various projects lately, most of which you’ll have to wait until they’re completed to find out about.  I’ve stocked up my Etsy shop, so if you fancy a bit of C*******s shopping…. (it’s too soon, I just can’t say it yet).  Anyway, there are lots of new things including this fox (as a print and card), new earrings (puffins, bears, radios, camper vans, cats…), bracelets and necklaces (with hares and other things), new badges (various animals, vintage radios, a bear tearing a clowns arm off..).  Please take a look.

I’ve also drawn a few illustrations for my friend, Dom, over at Pop over and enjoy his poems. My favourite is sort of spooky. 🙂

Lots of new things coming up: something about sad bears, which you may have seen  developing if you follow me on Twitter, and more prints and other things  will be appearing on Etsy.

Thank you for reading.


Dr Dribble


Dr Dribble is a thoroughly despicable doctor. He is the invention of Dom Conlon.  You can read about his terrible ways at or click on the picture above to go straight to the animated version and hear and see Dom reading the first Dr Dribble poem.

Pictures by me.

If you enjoyed that, don’t forget to check out ‘Whale Eggs‘ for more animated silliness.

And don’t forget to keep paying attention, there will be more dreadful doctorings coming up soon. x


A Little Bit of Nonsense

Under The Stairs


You’ll find her now beneath the stairs

Living a life without cares.

There she sits in the dark

Unafraid of the park

Where her parents were eaten by bears.

Thanks to Dom Conlon for providing a bit of nonsense to go with my piece of nonsense.  🙂

And to my lovely Twitter friend Bratfink for coming up with her own nonsense verse to accompany my illustration:

Harriet Potter felt like a rotter,

as she hid under the stairs;

she’d not eaten all day,

her folks ran away;

then a hungry bear came in and got her.

Astro Poetica: Free mini poem book to download and make.

Something to do with the kids in the holidays. Or on your own. 🙂

I’ve been busy experimenting with making little origami books in different forms and I thought I’d like to share the fun, so I’ve designed a poem book for you to download and make at home.  The poem is from Astro Poetica by Dom Conlon.  The illustrations are new.

download-36All you need to do is download the PDF from Inkology here, print it out and get cutting, folding and glueing!  Full instructions are included. You will need computer paper, glue and cardboard (a cereal box would be ideal).  I used coated photo paper to print out my book, but it will work with any computer paper.


Once you’ve made it and know how it’s done you could experiment with making your own books, be creative, experiment with paper, ideas, words, pictures….

A full set of photos of me making the book are here.

Merry Christmas!