Three images by me and three Haiku by Dom Conlon which grew out of something entirely different, which you will hear more about in due course.

The images were prompted by a few words, which in turn were expanded into haiku in response to the images.  This is also a very new way of painting for me: very loose, lots of wet into wet, ink, paint, pencil and water. Lots of water.  They were a lot of fun to do.

Update: 12/05/15.  Four images by me and four haiku by Dom. 🙂


A clatter of wood

echoes on cobbled streets as

a bark leads the way



The wind shakes washing

and a scullery of birds

fly to clean the clouds

washing copy


Summer scatters as

rain hammers the window and

morning turns to sleep



Whispers hide under

awnings of pan-rattled skies

a dog weaves the mist

shelter copy


Rain Drops

Rain Drops


I drew this doodle yesterday. I was thinking about how lovely and fat and wet the raindrops were when I ran out to bring the washing in. I stood for a while and let them fall on my face.

I like rain. And I like stars.  Dom already had the poem. The two just happened to come together quite nicely. 🙂

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