A Little Bit of Nonsense

Under The Stairs


You’ll find her now beneath the stairs

Living a life without cares.

There she sits in the dark

Unafraid of the park

Where her parents were eaten by bears.

Thanks to Dom Conlon for providing a bit of nonsense to go with my piece of nonsense.  🙂

And to my lovely Twitter friend Bratfink for coming up with her own nonsense verse to accompany my illustration:

Harriet Potter felt like a rotter,

as she hid under the stairs;

she’d not eaten all day,

her folks ran away;

then a hungry bear came in and got her.

Five poems for children: 4

A nonsense poem. I love nonsense poems. There are many goods ones. Edward Lear is a favourite of mine, you can read some of his nonsense verse here.

This one is by Dom Conlon.  I like it a lot. It’s also the first thing I ever drew an illustration for.  I think I’ve improved. You can see other, better illustrations for this poem here.