Bears Get Digital

Bears Get Digital is my new shop selling beautiful clip art, downloadable images and other digital files.  There will be lots of lovely images for use on websites, scrapbooking, printing out, making invitations and cards, and anything else you can think of.


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Bespoke Badges

Want it on a badge? Bespoke 58mm Badges or Pocket Mirrors start at £5.00

Your photos, text, my artwork.  Contact me to discuss prices and ideas.


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New Stuff…

I’m busy working on a new project that will be revealed soon…ish. Well, not soon. Sometime.  In the meantime, I’ve made a few new things, had some things made, and drawn lots of silly things.

You can keep up with all my nonsense on Twitter or Instagram…this sort of thing:

I’ve had lovely teatowels screen printed:

And made a couple of illustrations for

….click on the link to read fun kids poems by Dom Conlon.

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A Collaboration…

Bears Get Crafty has been lucky enough have some new items designed by Dorklette. Called ‘Animal Palz’ her adorably quirky designs for brooches and earrings are now available from Bears Get Crafty on Etsy.

Dorklette also has her own Etsy shop selling hand drawn greetings cards.

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Animals in Jumpers…Free Colouring Sheet to Download

This week I’ve been drawing animals in jumpers…

…using pen, coloured pencil and watercolour pencil.  I thought they would make fun brooches..


I’m going to use the images for prints and cards and a few other things. The brooches are available on my Etsy shop, BearsGetCrafty.  Also, as they I enjoyed colouring them in so much, I thought I’d share the fun… Click here to download the colouring sheet.


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Summer is here…

…and my thoughts have turned to the garden with birds, bees, gardening and sun-photography.


Page of designs and ideas for gardening brooches and earrings. Below: Some of the final results.

I’ve also experimented with cyanotype photography, using garden flowers and drawing on glass to make the images…

…and using the images to create jewellery.


I’m looking forward to finding other ways of applying this technique.

There’s an explanation of Cyanotype photography here.  I bought ready to use paper, which is extremely easy and fun to use.

Items shown above are available to buy from my Etsy shop, BearsGetCrafty.

Have a lovely weekend in the garden. x



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Printing on fabric with your inkjet printer.

Printing on fabric with your inkjet printer! I saw a tutorial for this on Pinterest. I was slightly dubious and concerned I would end up with a printer full of tangled inky threads, but I tried it anyway…

The fabric I used was cotton and fairly thin. It worked beautifully and I covered some notebooks. I’ll be experimenting with coarser fabrics as well.

I used images from my sketchbook which I scanned and arranged in photoshop, but you could draw your artwork at A4 and then simply scan and print.

Now I’m thinking about all the other things I can use this technique for…watch this space.


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