Spring is nearly here…

It’s been a long winter, but Spring is nearly here and the garden is colourful with snowdrops, crocuses, primroses and hellebore. I haven’t shared any of my work since Christmas, so here are a few things I’ve been doing since then:

Working on a new illustrated poetry book with Julie Ann Douglas. We’ve been planning a new one for a while and I’d done a few drawings, which I’ve put in my blog previously, but we both liked the map illustration for her ‘Directions Through A Fairytale’ poem (view in the Gallery) so much that we decided it would be fun to make a whole book of map poems. I’m not going to show you too much of what we’re doing but here are a few sneaky peeks….

When I had drawn the illustration for ‘Directions Through A Fairytale’ I had an idea that it would be fun to present it like an actual map, folded inside a cover. Julie added some art and literacy activity ideas and we launched our map poem…


You can get your hands on a copy of the Fairytale map here

I’m continuing to make Dress Up Paper Dolls and Paper Buildings. The newest are a Regency lady and a series of Beach Huts. I am planning to make the Regency doll into a book but in the meantime you can download both from my shop.

A Viking Longhouse, complete with removal roof and furnished interior is my next paper building project. Possibly to be followed by a Viking Helmet…

And as spring is rapidly approaching I’ve been sharing seeds.

Make Leaf Art – Painting Poems Activity Sheet

Can you illustrate this lovely leaf poem by drawing, painting or making collage leaves?

Poem from ‘Painting Poems’ by Julie Anna Douglas.

You can download this activity sheet here. 


Don’t forget their are lots of other free activity sheets to accompany Painting Poems. Download them here.

Buy the book here.

Whiskers – Worksheet and Poem

‘Whiskers’ by Julie Anna Douglas from our book ‘Painting Poems’.


What animal and insect sounds do you think the hare would hear early in the morning?

Download the worksheet here. 



Copyright of the text belongs to Julie Anna Douglas. Copyright of the images belongs to Jools Wilson.  Please share, use, enjoy, but do not sell or otherwise infringe our copyright. Please credit the author/illustrator when quoting/sharing the text/images.

Underwater Collage

‘Underwater Collage’ by Julie Anna Douglas. Why not download the worksheet that accompanies this poem? Or get out your paints or pencils and some paper and make your own Underwater Collage?



Click here to download the worksheet.



Make your own collage fish.


IMG_4924You will need: Scissor, different types of paper, glue, pencil, pen, paint.

If you only have plain paper you can paint it with splashes and blobs of paint.




Cut out the fishes body shapes from patterned or coloured paper.IMG_4931  Cut out tail fin shapes from a different colour paper or tissue paper.








Glue the body shape to a background piece of paper. Draw or stick on fins. Draw the fishes faces with pencil or pen.

Colour the face and fins with paint, coloured pencils or felt tip pens.


Create a sea full of colourful fish using as many different colours and papers as you can find.


What other colourful sea creatures could you make using collage?